Three Deadly Twins

Three Deadly Twins is a well-acclaimed Adult Suspense novel with a clever dual plot that keeps you turning pages. The lead editor says, ”A very. . .interesting and compelling read. . .I cared about the characters. . .and was kept in suspense until the very end.” Another expert said it this way, “This book is vivid and has a cinematic quality that I love.”


In the peaceful California town of Palmdale, an attractive blonde named Miranda, desperate to support her mentally disabled twin brother, Mickey, falls in love with a “bad boy” named Don. Don also happens to be a twin, but one whose feelings toward his sibling, Mac, are the opposite of those Miranda holds for her twin. In fact, Don wishes Mac dead.
While in prison, Don makes an intriguing discovery and hatches an elaborate plot that could solve both his girlfriend’s financial plight and his own need for murderous revenge. Since Don is behind bars, it’s up to Miranda to spearhead the con and also to enlist look-alike Mac through her powers of seduction. She’s a quick study, with very cooperative partners—too cooperative, and soon she’s locked in a high-stakes love triangle. As the trio continues to perpetrate a series of crimes the likes of which Palmdale has never before experienced, Miranda realizes she will ultimately have to make a deadly choice.
But an unlikely adversary steps in to stop their mayhem. On the other side of town, living with his struggling mother in a run-down house, a young teenage boy nicknamed “Stump” is quickly learning harsh truths about the adult world in his daily fight for survival and dignity. When Stump and the Three Deadly Twins cross paths, Stump’s innocence dies…and a detective is born.


If you have ever wondered what leads somebody into the field of criminology, this is the first episode in a four-part series, which is about the eventual making of one such person – Detective Neal Joseph Randolph.

The character was inspired by, and has many similar qualities, to my real-life growing-up-in-the-streets pal Ed.

Watch for book 4 in the series Fall of 2019

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