Monday Girl’s Revenge

Monday Girl’s Revenge is episode two in the adult fiction mystery series known as “The Making of Detective Neal Randolph.” Another dual plot thriller, in which Neal “Stump” Randolph and other great but flawed characters experience compelling intimate relationships, riveting plot twists and just the right amount of humor.


Detective Delores Sanchez only had intimacy issues with two types of men: The good ones and the bad ones. In her shrink’s office, Delores inched toward the window. High up, and off in the distance, a lone gray cloud appeared to be lost. She could relate because far off, in the back of her mind, she had an ugly black cloud of her own. An innermost secret that she’d never, ever, ever told anybody. Not her family, not her friends, not her priest. Nobody.
It started in her youth, when Delores and her sister were repeatedly molested. At the time, Delores was too young and innocent to know what revenge was, but it proved to be one of the reasons she became a cop. Then she met Dixon Browne. As far as Delores was concerned Dixon was a serial rapist, and she was the only person who was in a position to bring him down. Trouble was, she doubted whether both of them could survive long enough for her to slap her magic bracelets on his deserving wrists.

Meanwhile and close by, even though 16-year-old Stump had previously solved a couple murders, he had no idea he was on track to become a detective. Then he impressed the owner of an apartment complex and landed a job where he met Maria, his very first love. Stump and Maria’s lives were turned upside down when it appeared as if Maria’s mother had been raped.  They suspected the manager of the building did it, but they had to keep their investigation under wraps.
While all of that was taking place, Stump was desperate to assuage the stomach-pounding guilt he carried around ever since his role in his mother’s death. To do so, he was forced to take on a tag team of authority figures who refused to take him seriously.
Then a body was found and everybody wanted answers.

Watch for book 4 in the series Fall of 2019


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