Testimonials About “Instant Experience For Real Estate Agents”

“I enjoyed this book from cover to cover; especially chapter nine.”
– Ryan

“I think this book is outstanding. I truly enjoyed reading it. You really have wonderful creative writing skills. Thank you too for giving me the insight . . .fascinating on all levels.”
– Heidi

“I wish there was a book like this when I started out.”
– Ken

“I am so impressed. This book is a must have.”
– Jeanine

“This book would be a great tool for new agents because it provides insight and wisdom from a successful 30 year broker. It helps identify the tools needed to be successful in this very challenging industry and provides true-life stories of pitfalls and success. It also gives a new agent a goal to become your own best client and investing for your future and retirement. I was most intrigued by chapter 10: Crummy Dogs, Fat Cats and Your Best Client.”
– Jason

“. . .a complete real estate book with everything from simple tips to life-changing programs. . .and it is fun to read.”
– – Gretchen

“I loved the chapters! I really enjoyed both the advice and the stories.”
– Zach

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