Grandma’s BFF Does Coke

Grandma’s BFF Does Coke is episode three in the adult fiction mystery series known as “The Making of Detective Neal Randolph.” Stump fights hard when the “bad guy” is a gal who abuses Grandmas.


There’s no love stronger than that which mothers hold for their babies, but children who have no mothers seek bonding through substitutes.

Best friends, lovers, long-lost dads, military police or a spooky cat-man can fill the void. So can a dementia-riddled adoptive grandmother and her Coke-swilling BFF, who are essentially confined to a couch of a Memory Care facility.

Stump, a 19-year-old criminology student, would do anything for Grandma Pauline- pay for her care out of his trust fund, drive across country in search of her BFF’s family treasure, take on a conniving health care administrator, win over a bad-ass girlfriend, even risk his own life.

Meanwhile, he has problems of his own. It’s about damn time he be allowed to manage his trust. He has three million dollars to work with. It shouldn’t be difficult to make enough money to live on. All he has to do is replace his trustee, convert an old run-down commercial building into a thriving breakfast restaurant, solve a cold case murder and overcome the storm of the century.

Watch for book 4 in the series Fall of 2019


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