Hello and Welcome To David A. Thyfault’s Books

Dave Thyfault

(Actually, I go by Dave or Uncle Dave.)

On this site you’ll find information about the books I have written, both fiction and non-fiction.

You can get a FREE eBook, or a paperback for a low cost on Amazon. Just click on the appropriate images.

FOR FICTION, I’ve just released my first Adult Suspense novel, Three Deadly Twins. This is an extremely serious story about how a double murder weaves its way into the life of a fairly normal teenager. Early reviews are outstanding.

FOR NON-FICTION I have two multiple-award winners. One is for entry-level real estate agents; the other is for everybody who wants to improve his or her financial condition.

As stated, you can get an eBook for FREE or a paperback for low cost, by clicking on the books above.

No matter what you pick, feel free to drop me a line and share your thoughts.

Contact me at: davidthyfault(at)gmail(dot)com